A walk together in beach
A walk on a beach,
Both, on your bare feet,
So close and within reach,
A conversation brief but sweet,
Adoring you as your face gleams.

You spread your beautiful smile,
With infectious laugh once a while,
I was glad, you are in my life,
While having our memorable time,
And everything seems so right.

Our feets getting wet in water,
As we stood to view sea better,
The waves crashing the shore,
Washing away all hesitations,
I held your hands, interlinking fingers.

You turns and looked tenderly,
Being immersed in the moment throughly,
I brought you closer to me,
Bending over to look at your eyes,
Moments passed, while you blushed.

It was magical, in the sunset,
Golden rays were opening the gate,
Indeed it was a blessing of the fate,
Being together from the day we met,
A fortunate change after a long wait.

So, it happened before we realized,
Got closer, this urge we couldn't fight,
Witnessed by the ocean and sunlight,
With closed eyes, sensing softness of skin,
The feeling of our kissing lips.

© Dr. Manish Rout