I am...❣️
I am the enigma , a mystery untold,
In each observer's eyes, a story unfolds.
No one can know me, no one understands,
For in every gaze, a unique wonderland.
To some I'm crazy, to others calm,
A storm within, yet a soothing balm.
My laughter echoes, my tears cascade,
Emotions in extremes, a symphony played.
An open book, yet veiled in mist,
To know me, one must persist.
A different self in different eyes,
With friends so few, yet friendly ties.
Sometimes I'm loud, sometimes I'm shy,
Switching sides, I don't know why.
I love to dance, sing, and write,
In these, I find my light.
Alone, I love to dream and muse,
In lands of thoughts, I often lose.
The world sees fragments, parts of me,
But never grasps my entirety.
Extrovert and introvert entwine,
A dance of shadow in the mind.
In shadows deep and light so clear,
My essence shifts, then disappears.
Talking to myself, it's like a chat,
But sometimes I need more than that.
Love's embrace, I often shy,
A hesitant heart, unsure to try.
No one knows the depths I hide,
In every shadow, a secret reside.
Yet through it all, I seek to find,
A soul who'll see my heart and mind,
To understand, embrace the whole,
The depth and breadth of my true soul.
I'm mystery, I'm a living rhyme,
Evolving with the sands of time.

✍🏻 Soumya tiwari


© soumya.tiwari