I see you… I guess you know
I can hear you without your knowledge
you’re shedding unsolicited tears at the podium
why tell lies at this point

your elegy is filled up with lies
using a Lucida Cole or gothic style isn’t worth it
why concoct deceits in eulogizing me?
you never loved nor cared for me when I was alive

even this dirge isn’t supposed to be mine
oh gosh! what is the choir singing
I was never a good person per say
choose your words carefully for the rhythm

you bunch of liars standing by my grave
wearing blacks just for “notice me” sake
acting bitter for camera sake
a show of shame as I stare from my dimension

you better mourn for yourselves before your demise
wait a minute, who wrote this on my epitaph?
when will human understands that there’s no shame in telling the truth
“He was loved by all…” I wasn’t, please yank this down

the truth will forever remain the truth
you all are here to show the dead love and care
but when I was alive, I was shown less of everything
I don’t need it now, I’m on my way to perdition

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23 May 2024
© tonyseunleigh