"Beneath Shattered Moons: A Love Unveiled"
Do you know how much love resides within me for you? Perhaps not.

A year spent trying to forget someone, a mere illusion of love. Yet, a dream unfolded over a few days has shattered my heart to such an extent that even today, the mention of their name makes my soul tremble.

But you? I have fallen in love with you. I've committed the sin of loving you with my heart shattered into a thousand pieces. When I close my eyes, your image appears. When I open them, a longing arises to catch just one more glimpse of you.

No other thoughts occupy my mind except you. But you know what? You inflict pain upon me. The courage to distance myself from you, to break my own heart, that courage eludes me. You've become a fear, a beautiful fear, with which living feels like a corpse's existence.

Living without you seems unbearable.
© _gottaloveruhii

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