Drowning in Tears
In shadows cast, a heart now breaks,
Drowning in sorrows, its pain awakes.
Sadness echoes, tears softly fall,
A fractured soul, bereaved and small.

Mourning love as fragile as glass,
Shattered pieces,continue writing, no hope to amass.
Aching within, a void so deep,
Loneliness, a constant companion to keep.

Whispers of love, once so sweet and true,
Now haunt the broken heart, a haunting blue.
Every beat feels heavy, every breath is a sigh,
Tears cascade silently, as the heart asks why.

In the darkness of this sorrowed night,
Dreams of happiness fade from sight.
But in this pain, there is strength to find,
To mend the wounds, piece by piece, mind by mind.

Though it may take time, and the tears may flow,
The broken heart will heal, it's resilience it will show.
For even in the depths of sadness and despair,
Hope will be reborn, turning brokenness to repair.
© Infinite Wanderer