"Fading Melodies: A Symphony of Unforgettable Love"
In the echoes of your name, my heart beats on,
First love, a haunting melody, never gone.
No one else can I love as I loved you,
You, the most beautiful chapter, it's true.

Your name, a spell, the same effect it holds,
As memories unfold, in tales of old.
I question my heart, can it forget you?
Its reply echoes, "Over my dead body," so true.

No emotions now, yet your presence lingers,
A puzzle unsolved, love's fading whispers.
You made me feel, perhaps too much,
A numbness now, a gentle touch.

Over my dead body, my heart declares,
Will it forget you, the one it still bears.
Memories, like shadows, won't set me free,
In the silent chambers where you'll always be.
© _gottaloveruhii