When asked, where do you find peace?
I'm most at peace
Sitting at the edge of tomorrow
With a front row seat
To the end of the world
I know why Nero fiddled
Watching Rome burn
And warming himself by the fire
The screams for mercy
Women clutching crying babies
While fire darted from house to house
Im sitting in the dark
A blanket of dust just tucked us in
Tears sliding down the face of the wind
The sky is crying
The world is crying
I am sitting by my window
Thankful for the break I begged for
A cool breeze in the middle of an
August night in Arizona
It was over 100 again
For the umpteenth day in a row
This respite, today
The whisper in the wind
Don't make promises you can't keep
Then don't make promises
And that's where the walls are
The walls that guard my heart
Stand tall
Until someone whispers
This is the part
Where you save the girl in the mirror
Put on your cape
And fly
© byjaztaihreen