Doomsday, Hope Not
Her eyes gleamed with the light 
Of her inner strength,
She had walked miles,
Not worried about the length,

Life has become a train
where all we do is ride she thought
Complain that walking is exercise
Too hot, too cold nature's beauty forgotten

Once was a day when kids played
Not many as much having fun in the sun
Now their heads stuck in the web
Where did mud pies & catching fireflies go

Air quality low, too hot too cold
Lack of public swimming pools
Where I'm from we also lack swings
Taken down, the excuse is delinquents

Increase of people rushing in
How many can we house
when we're not housing what we have
Will we be the next china with too many

How are we going to manage the land
Carefully else we could be
the next 3rd world country
Biden or Trump we may just be screwed

Ignorance is bliss to be limitless
Be about self in a world turning to hell
Power of our words, reading revelations
over and over and over again

Only time will tell if we'll survive
Mother Eature will stay true to nature
Destroyed by mankind, her killing field
Will we stay sleeping or will we awaken

Can we start anew and rewrite our history
Do it with love Ghandi style, not judged
by the brand of clothes, or size of wallet
But judged by the size of your smile

Will we finally learn once and for all
We caused it ourselves seeking power
the greed of obtaining outwardly things
Will the elite ever relinquish power

Only time will tell for even their children
have a price tag of the size of their wallet
Will we ever see that you me them they
we are all priceless as human beings

Can we live utopian style or close
A world where heaven is on earth
Or will the gates of hell open up
And allow revelations to ring true

What is the way to wake everyone up
How do you convince the pain to stop
Who will be fearless within the power
When will they stop judging with the size of their wallet

I fear there is only one way
A way that seems almost impossible
One that kills fear, accepts differences
That way is by living in love