A bad Shadow
In shadows deep, where whispers weave,
The heart's desires, the mind's reprieve,
A struggle born in every soul,
Between the dark and light's control.

In corners where temptations hide,
The silent voice, the wounded pride,
A moment's lapse, a fleeting glance,
Can lead a step, a fateful dance.

The reasons swirl in murky air,
Of fear, of pain, of deep despair,
A thirst for power, greed's embrace,
A hollow void we seek to face.

But not all hearts succumb to night,
For some will strive, and choose the light,
Yet even those with purest aim,
Can find themselves in sorrow's frame.

So why do humans fall from grace?
A question old as time and space,
In every heart, a battle lies,
'Twixt earthbound pulls and heaven's skies.

Why do people do bad things? Answer this question by writing a poem.