World collided

A room full of memories
From breaking up to getting back together
Not talking because we're feeling under the weather
Letting me go thinking it’s for the better
A commitment where I loved too hard
The love that left me scarred
I was ready to lay my life for you
I’ve gone through rough roads to make our wish come true
A destiny neither of us knew
Led us to a path of something new
Young and not knowing what we gotten ourselves into
Thus pain and suffering, love was never less
Everyday I was around with open ears
Hoping you express any distress
I embrace who you truly are and was there ready to wipe your tears
Our world collided for a reason
I fell too hard and I was hoping it wasn’t for a season
False promises we declared to each other
No words exchange and now we're seeing others
Seeing you happy with someone else
Left me grateful and blessed for what we have been through.

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