Luminous Rendezvous...
Come, my love, let us meet in the gentle moonlight's embrace,
And even in desolation, spring will grace the empty space.
The sky will sway and dance with delight,
As hearts speak and flutter, ignited by love's light.
O beloved, take me beyond the realms of stars,
For my heart feels no belonging in these earthly bars.
In the damp night's embrace, hold onto the thread of my heart,
Lost in life's maze, where your name becomes a part.
The moon's alluring gaze whispers of love's allure,
Life is but a journey, uncertain of what's in store.
Come, my love, in the gentle moonlight's glow...
This heart wishes, today, to transform into clouds and fly,
To bring the sky down, like a bride descending from the high.
The moon's chariot adorns, celebration in the twinkling stars,
Let the world exclaim, as two hearts unite, no matter where they are.
Come, my love, in the gentle moonlight's glow...