Cry Out My Soul
Lost in the depths of a world unknown,
A soul yearns for a place to call home,
Forced to navigate the endless expanse,
With nothing but the stars to guide its dance.

In the silence, a voice cries out in pain,
Wishing for the pleasure of light to reign,
But the darkness lingers, refusing to fade,
Leaving the soul in a perpetual shade.

Longing for love, the soul grows weary,
Searching for comfort, ever so dreary,
The loneliness within begins to take hold,
And the once-tender heart begins to grow cold.

So I cry out my soul, in desperate need,
To find a place where love can thrive and feed,
A place where the sun shines bright and true,
And the darkness is chased away by the dew.

As I cry, my soul, the heavens part,
And I see a light that touches my heart,
The hand of love that wipes away my tears,
And banishes the shadows, and calms my fears.

In that moment, I know I have found my way,
And my soul is filled with an eternal ray,
Of love, and joy, of hope, and peace,
An embrace that never fades or cease.

So I cry out my soul, but not in vain,
For love has come, and it will always remain,
And my soul is lifted to new horizons,
Where love abounds, and life is a sweet caisson.
© Japheth