Growing up in her dysfunction,
She started to like the messy destruction.

The kinks and flaws started to crawl
Inside her brain, her innocences fall.

Teasing the Dominate is a scary thing,
the unknowning punishments that it will bring.

She like the scars, she like the pain.
Her dominate partner really liked the game.

Dom squeezes and whips taking command,
she moans his name wishing the fun could never end.

She cant finish her fun without permission,
she begs the dom to finish the satisfaction.

She plead for more with a knife and a whip,
a little bit of both to make it a fun trip.

Dom thinks she is crazy and yet he is correct
Although she really is, he could never reject.

Smiling with insanity that she lost long ago,
Dom begin to take full control of the Subs tiny throat.

This stays in my thoughts when I see him on the screen.
I do not have the courage to tell him what I really need.
© TinkDream