I didn't have a sister, but I was not sad.!
I didn't have feeling, but something was bad.!!

She was not here, when I was a kid.!
Her presence was here, but she had hid.!!

And the day came, I met with her.!
I was a snowy body, she was a wooly fur.!!

When I got her, it brought forth a feeling.!
Whenever I think of her, it always healing.!!

I thanks to god, he make her appear.!
It was my curse, she had disappeared.!!

Life, maybe short, but you're my life.!
You were not here, that was my strife.!!

I feel, I'm living, when god given her to me.!
Before her I feel happy, now she is my glee.!!

The care that she shows is really a boon in disguise.!
My feeling was just a confusion, but her love was precise.!!

© Stupor Osama