it will be called an accident
Go with the flow
nothing will hurt you
a heart open to the will of the world
jumps in front of the bus

does it hit the breaks?

an accident
the driver and bus didn't mean to

but the world listened

in the instant before impact
the world acts
community swarms
100 helping hands grab for safety

too late?

in home towns, yes
we often forget that we are all brothers and sisters

the scene plays out before many eyes
in a town where no one watches

they drive 2 tons of steal
the world hurls into them
and death defying acts are the norm

until the accident

effect collides with action
and the terms of the game played are death

if we were to reflect actively
everything we consume
causes the premature death of another

consume consume
not a on a rock.
breath of a lamb frolicking
heart to my neighboring land

a joke

the only place we feel comfortable
in the hands
of something we know
racism is present
but ignorance
is the rooting for it


that's uncomfortable
I don't like that at all

I am a fact
and you a loud queen
hurting internal sensitivities that I don't understand.

blurring something Jin
blurting something hurtful
and dumb
and obvious

is it a layer below the skin
that we can draw blood and donate
or is it there that a vampire
decides to turn the favour of doubt

my bet is on the vampire

but call it an accident

© All Rights Reserved if they're good