Hopes in Dreaming.
The reasoning for dreaming baffles me. Ideas, thoughts, memory, and emotions mixed, both hidden and withdrawn. The deepest and purist version of one's self. The inner workings of lost and past desires and aspirations. All of which are hopes within dreaming.

I dream of you.
Do you dream of me?

Sleep comes with such ease, knowing that I will soon see you there just past this waken barrier. Held in my arms ever so closely as if in fear of falling. With out you near. Synchronous are our rythmic exasperated breaths.

Inhale this strange yet familiar scent of something long forgotten. Last felt in a blurry remembrance of a dream long since past.

Breathing loses meaning when pressed to your body. Hearts intertwined, beats as a master percussionist sound as our dueling war drums send in wave after wave of fearful thoughts of you. This anxious bantering of our hearts beating, can only be heard by you and I. Reluctant battles forever ensure our cautious movements.

This is how it felt, though it may have only been one night. I find you within every corner of my inner thoughts

The war drums have ceased for the battle has been fought, presumably the battle may yet to have been won.
To you the spoils. I am forever your prize as you will always be my treasure.