Smart ain't I?
I've always been the smart girl
That's what they called me :
gifted and talented
"high achieving prodigies ahead of the class"
I've lived for every grade back, every book we read, every test.
Because a smart girl gets straight A and a smart girl gets the teacher's way,
A smart girl knows the answer in class,
You'd go to her if you didn't know!
You'd go to her for that!
But how my pen quivers over every bubble letter.
What will they think of me if I go wrong?
Because a smart girl doesn't get a "B"
No, iam too "smart" for that
Gifted and talented,
Wasn't that me?
I miss the praising and the words of Affirmation...
It's like they've all forgot how smart I used to be!
Who am I if not her?
The girl with perfect grades and a smiling face...
The one you'd go to for answers in class
You'd go to her if you didn't know.
Who am I if not that?
My pen quivers...
Who am I without that?

© Airaa