I'm walking dead
Furious, curious and terrified
Mortal cries and overintellectualize
Home doesn't seems homely
And this is too beyond the seven seas
Food tastes blunt
but bitten lips can tastes the burnt
Breezy air giving me the shiver
As if providing me the mellifluous sound of swinging Christmas bells.

Fleeting days are so unhasty
Totally anxious and cautious
Evening lights hits me down
at the level of gone former heights
Dark, thundery, starless sky
Might set birds to dance
Predicting fortunate phase
Giving me impatient chills
Under the firmament
being melancholy,
Core burns more
than my injured left arm hurts
I'm walking dead
Shocked, stunned
and keeping up as sled.

© zufi
#poetsofinstagram #Poetizer