Mirror Mirror
I look into the mirror and I see a girl grin,
One that's crooked and doesn't quite fit in.

As I peer into her eyes,
I find that she's about to cry.

A long tall hooded figure lingers behind her,
Hold a chains of her life in his fingers.

I look deeper into the mirror and see,
the sad little girl is me.

The tall hooded figure, the demons within her. Her hands on the trigger, she begs to surrender.

Tragedies surround her, she cannot escape, memories forcibly burned into her brain.

Images that haunt her at night,
Nightmares she wishes she could fight.

What can I do when the damage is done,
The imprints on my body cannot be undone.

I reached out my hand to tap the glass,
As the chains lace around my neck and pull back.

I wish I could break through the glass, destroy each moment of my shatter my past.

But this soul was sold long ago, there’s no where to go, there’s no turning back.

© BayMay108KKM