Another Day

Another day has come,
to put on a fake smile as I look in the mirror in the morning,
Plaster an elegant face and hide my emotions behind my make up as I go to work.

Another day has arrived,
to pretend to look sophisticated and wealthy,
by putting on a fake Gucci-labelled jacket that my fellow low classed workmates won't easily discover fake.

So, another day has come,
To put on stilettos as I'm getting closer to work,
So that people think I've worn them all the way from home as I'm getting out of my borrowed car.

As I'm getting to work, I know another day has come,
For me to spread on a darker red shade of lip gloss on my pouted lips before I'm summoned to my boss's office for a daily report.
I still need to get married again, don't I?
Being a divorcee is not what I'm living for.

Yet another day has come,
As lunch time arrives at work,
And I make sure not to buy too much expensive food,
Because I still need to save some cash for my car rental for the whole following week and oh, by the way, I still need to maintain good weight and maintain my good, model figure effortlessly for the new Supervisor at work.

Every morning I know,
That another day has come,
For me to get on a fake phone call by the end of my working hours,
With an imaginary boyfriend who's waiting for me at home.
Better keep the boss (who never notices me by the way) a little bit jealousy as I leave for home.
I make sure to go by the non-famous subway so that I don't bump into fellow workmates after returning my borrowed car.

By the end of my day I still recall that,
Another day had come,
For me to get back to a lonely, empty home with only memories of a husband who'd cheated on me from the first day of marriage upto our last.
And I spend half of the whole night drinking cheap ale with a large bowl of popped corn, as I watch the trending popular melo dramas on the national t.v.

Before I doze off I'm somewhat reminded that, no one really cares.
Whether I'm as sophisticated as I want to be or not
Whether I'm too lonely or not,
Whether I need a little bit of more understanding or not.
But I just wait for another day to come again,
And plaster on that makeup to hide my emotion and distress.

© @stalactite