Who am I ?
''Which one of my feelings are real?
Which one of the me's is me?''
I've been creating people inside me I lost myself in the crowd,
I've been designing personalities to please others I forgot pleasure for me was allowed.
I've worn too many masks I forgot the real me...
What I'm really feeling
What kind of person I might be?
Am I the energetic, enthusiastic, choatic one?
Or the shy, bitter, suicidal one?
Too many versions trapped inside,
Lying about where the real one must hide.
Today, tomorrow, it's just another day to pretend,
Shedding my skin became a habit, I couldn't prevent.
Making friends was so easy, but none of them seems to know who is 'me'.
Only I can imagine how lonely I might be.
I can't recall...
In my search for myself my mind was a mess,
Personalities intertwined, relations ruined, If only I could express...
Locking the door is in vain,
Letting out emotions of pain.
Fading memories about me still linger in my mind, my heart.
I remember holding onto the edge so hard as I fell from a cliff, scarred.