He never knew
He never knew
He was someone's euphoria
His pictures were secret wallpapers
From being the first thought in the morning
He was the only source of adrenaline rush and caused tachycardia
Favourite notification that never popped up
They even texted once but formally
Rereading those texts was her daily pattern
His one hello was enough to widen her smile
She deeply admired him from afar
Never had the courage to face him
Though everything was much complicated
She woke up daily with unrequited hope
Her phone rang
Her heart skipped a beat
But it was never him
He was her 11:11 wish
He was definitely everything for her
But was never hers
Though she always belonged to him
He was everything she ever wanted
She told everyone nothing could happen
But deep down she prayed for something like a miracle to happen
They were like two birds
Having their own destination
And now everyone knew
And wished the destination to be one

© intrepidwallflower