My Brother, from another Mother!
My earlier life was filled with uncertainties,
I grew up with a lot of anxieties,
From my father I became estranged,
My mother was always depressed,
Had too much on my plate,
Just 13yr old was my age.

With nothing to look forward to,
Came you, when my life was so sorrowful,
Not that my struggles were over,
But now I had someone who showered,
The care and affection that I longed,
The wait for which was too prolonged.

You were my sounding board,
To whom I cried my heart out,
Alone I was left,
To deal with all the stress,
But when you stood by my side,
There was nothing I could not fight,
Your care made me stronger,
Your support made me bolder,
Your wisdom made me sharper,
Your advice made things better,
Your words so encouraging,
It had me believing,
That even my life's journey,
Could be worth exploring,
For I was no longer alone,
In this battle unknown,
My issues were getting resolved,
I too was being loved.

Since God couldn't be everywhere,
He sent me in your care,
In the form of my own angel,
Who then became,
My elder brother,
From another mother.

#Love&love #family #relationships #brother

© Polkola