ᗩ ᖴᒪEETIᑎG ᗰOᗰEᑎT
In a garden filled with fragrant blooms so fair,
I spied one butterfly with vibrant wings,
Amidst the petals soft, it danced on air,
A fleeting moment where enchantment clings.

Its delicate flight an elegant sight,
A symbol of joy, a gentle reminder,
Of life's fleeting beauty, pure and bright,
A solitary butterfly, a silent glider.

It flits by amidst flowers swaying high,
A delicate waltz, sweet ballet, a work of art,
Graceful dancer in the summer air fly,
Capturing the essence of nature's heart.

On wings of wonder, it found its place,
In its presence, I found pure elation,
A fragile beauty, a symbol of grace,
In the magic of its whimsical creation.

In gardens lush with colors bright,
I pause to watch it play and freely soar,
Its wings painted by the morning light,
A symphony of beauty, I can't ignore.

I watched in awe its fragile wings take flight,
Imagining its journey, long and bold,
Petals twirl and whirl, a butterfly in flight,
Through sunlit skies and lands untold.

The butterfly and flowers in harmony,
Reminds me of life's sweet poetry.

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© Farhat Afzal

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