Emptiness's Reverberation
In the silence of the night, I find myself alone,
Lost in the vast expanse, where your absence is shown.
The world seems empty, devoid of your light,
Each passing moment, a lonely, endless night.

Solitude wraps around me like a shroud,
Echoes of memories, haunting, yet proud.
In the void you left, my heart finds no ease,
Only the echo of your laughter, a gentle tease.

My companion in darkness, my only friend,
Loneliness grips me, refusing to bend.
We speak of you, in whispers soft and low,
Yearning for your presence, to make the emptiness go.

If only you were here, by my side,
The stars would align, and the darkness would hide.
But you're far away, beyond my reach,
Leaving me with loneliness, a lesson to teach.

So I converse with my solitude, night after night,
Hoping to find solace, in the absence of light.
For in the depths of loneliness, I find a trace,
Of the love we shared, in this empty space.
© @roopchau836