The heart, a vessel of love and light,
Beats with hope, and shines so bright.
It opens wide, with trust and grace,
Embracing all, with a warm embrace.

With every beat, it loves so true,
Pouring out, all its hopes anew.
It dreams of joy, of laughter and tears,
And cherishes each moment, through the years.

But like a flame, that flickers with ease,
The heart can hurt, with a gentle breeze.
A whispered word, a careless deed,
Can pierce its core, and plant a seed.

Of sorrow and pain, of fear and doubt,
The heart can ache, with a heavy rout.
It weeps and mourns, with a lonely cry,
And searches for solace, in the dark of the sky.

Yet still it beats, with a resilient grace,
And loves again, with a gentle embrace.
For though it hurts, it never gives in,
The heart, a symbol, of love's pure win