in the heat of the moment
In the heat of the moment, when tempers flare,
I may be angry, frustrated, and unaware.
But even then, my love for you remains true,
I will choose you, no matter what we go through.

We may argue, clash, and have our fights,
But love will conquer all those stormy nights.
I will stand by your side, through thick and thin,
I will fight for you, I will always win.

I will choose you, over and over again,
Even when we disagree, even when we're in pain.
For love is not flawless, it has its flaws,
But I will choose you, because you are my cause.

So let's weather the storms, and push through the pain,
I will choose you, and keep choosing you, again and again.
For in the end, it's our bond that will remain true,
I will always choose you, I will always choose you.
© cynfully