"Echoes of Uncertainty: Love's Puzzling Refrain"
Within the labyrinth of love, our souls entwined,
A symphony of emotions, complex and undefined.
His declarations echo, yet doubts persist,
In this intricate dance, where feelings subsist.

Once, his words painted skies of butterflies,
Now shadows linger, casting love's demise.
His voice, a melody etched in my heart,
Yet uncertainties tear love apart.

Longing to meet, a desire unfulfilled,
Yet questions linger, love's path chilled.
Does he adore the essence, or a mere facade?
In this maze of emotions, truth feels flawed.

Silent sorrows he bears, a cryptic refrain,
His pain sensed, like echoes in the rain.
To ease his burdens, my heart yearns,
Love's enigma, a journey that turns.

In confusion, we navigate the misty maze,
Love's riddle unfolding in mysterious ways.
Why pursue if love's flame flickers dim?
In this intricate dance, emotions swim.
© _gottaloveruhii