She holds back her tears in silence
Faded love of evanescence
As upon coffin - falls the crimson roses
Whilst in misery - reminiscing upon sweet kisses
Sorrowed silence
Heart broken - love thus faded adrift in a distance
Felt a sudden stupidity
Over wasted arguments
If only - she could turn back time
Erase - each failed memory
O' sorrowed silence
As she's left with regrets
Words in poetry expressed
In sorrowed silence
So hard a pain of loss
She tries to digest
In vain - tries she holding back tears
In sorrowed silence
Can't she help - reminiscing upon
faded years
Through out her sorrowed silence
Gazes she upon memorial pictures
As in vain - she holds back tears
Embracing a once rested pillow
Breaks she down......in tears ov sorrow.
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