Black Tar Carcass
I can see your body rotting away
I can smell your scent from across the room
Time to permeate
Genocide of sanity
Black tar dragon

Flying all around the room
She lay there without a pulse
Your corpse lay in my view
I am dying to stay with you

Talk about an overdose
I almost used too much
Only to kill you, not me, not us
You thought I loved you?
I hate your fucking guts
There's no love, there's no trust

I can see you melting away
We've been sitting there for days
I don't have enough strength
To move your decomposing corpse
You've become discolored
I can see the skin disconnected

This is godless beauty
This is fucking insanity
You've began to attract the rats
They feed on the sludge
Of the one I used to love

I can still smell the decomposition
A decade after it had happened
When I think of your corpse I begin to smile
I have not thought of my lover in so long
I think tonight I'll dig up your corpse
You and I will dance to another love song

I can see you in my dreams
And I can smell the stench
It is not ugliness I smell
Nor is it death

I smell the memories of one more use
The one that took me down
The needle that sludged your veins
And sloshed your face

Pretty woman with carcass-glazed eyes
Oh, how I hope for a similar demise
The needle stuck deep in the vein of my arm
This is not torture this is my relief
And yet you sickening people call this self-harm
Take me to hell, put me to death with my grief

I need not skin nor bone
All I want is this headache to go
I see the flowers are no longer blooming
But the grass has overgrown

© HenryKibermeschvask