Everybody will come and go by your life,
but the one who stays is you yourself!
We seek, we weep, we repent,
but the only thing left over
is just the pain and disgrace.
As human heart takes a lot of time to revamp,
it becomes more sensitive.
The more you get heartbroken,
the more you'll easily be affected!
The only thing we can do is to keep things upto ourselves.
That too also deep inside where no one could find!
Everyone lacks something
but we try our best to live life happily,
or else what can we humans do?
We fully regret of something that we had done out of approach, but still never dare to accept the truth.
Exactly that's what life is for us!!
But to tell the truth we could make life more delightful,
with just some seasoning of believe and hope!!
Don't ever lose hope and see how it comes up.
© cacophonyslaysss