Ecstasy of the New !!
I don't know what to write,
I read others' poems with shinning light.
They are flooded with the lost emotions,
It increases my brain's blood circulations.

I ask myself,
Does love mean to become fool to other?
why do they cry, when they consciously chose to suffer?
Why don't they use energy to Think rationally,
Then they will end idiotic suffering intentionally.

Everyone is responsible for his own Actions
When they already knew this; then why
Do they fail to do the correct Navigations?
At least don't Cry!!! don't make emotional fry!!!

Just look at others, apart from you,
you are not the only fool,
Everyone is being used as a tool,
So watch and learn, And search for the New.

I was just like you before the enlightenment,
Now I already transcended that predicament.
Don't treat opposite gender as boy or girl,
Treat them only as a human Pal!

Channelize your energy to your brain,
When your third eye will open;
You will also feel spiritual rain,
You will become the owner of your own Lane.

So leave all the tensions,
Everyone is passengers of different stations.
Let the light enter into you,
You will definitely become one of the Few.
© Lost Fountain