Vivian pot of thoughts
Day 015/100


*WHAT* *IF* *(?)*

If I stop breathing would all my shortcomings keep living?
Would the fear of not dying become the fear of stop questioning?
Would the world feel the impact of my living?
Would my deeds affect my seeds positively or the other side of it
Would my death be felt?
Would my path be thread by friends? and my smile be shared in miles?
Would I be buried , then comes in merry? OR!
Would I be buried then comes in ferry to convey many ?
If I die, would my death cause a loud shout? OR!
Cheers with stout?

Would the world feel the space?
Would my shadow stay behind ?
Would my death cause a stir?
Would my death be sandwich for some ?
Would coming back be a wish for all?
Would heads be nodded saying 'oh yes'? OR
Would heads be shaken saying 'oh no'
Would the host of angels be glad to receive me?
even though beings on earth grievously deceived me.
Would the life ahead of me be immortal in bloom ? OR
eternal in doom?