Getting Old - JFO #0001
I never thought turning 59 would be as hard as it seems to be for me. If I ever sucked at anything, getting old has to be the one I think. It's the only thing we face in life that gives no chance of victory. I've always seen myself as young, it's all I've ever known and it's all I've ever done.

Who thinks of being old one day, that prankster Time, the lies he sings. In my body I can feel it, the passing of the years. But in my mind I can't help but feel, I'm still just on the verge of turning 21. Where did all the years go? When did they pass me by? They seem so far away these days, they seem so far behind.

I long to hear the rainfall on a quiet summer day. To feel the gentle breeze again and hear that sound of laughter's joy, you're gentle whisperings. To feel the heat, a lover's kiss - the passion when love was new. To dream of our future bright under endless stars that once we knew.

If I try hard, I can still remember those years that lie between. A glimpse - a few, the moments shared, in quiet solitude. I worked, I lived. I've seen the world, I fell in love with you. I married a woman, the love of my life. The memories are fresh, that day we met - when we were still in school. We raised three kids the best we could, we gave it all as we still do. To love, it was our sacrifice. It's become our promise too.

I look back now with slight regret, those toils of our lives. I smile too, for all I've seen and all that I have learned. God has truly given grace to me and a wisdom he has shared; His love in this life he's blessed me with and his will to guide me through. His presence in all the wonderful moments in this life I've shared with you.

Love God 2 love people, Peace.

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