Sauntering through the forage grass as I glare at my feet I seem to not grasp the concept of
Is it knowing you gave it your all or allaying your instinctive premonitions of it all going
Tis heart wrenching to possess the empath seed, regarding the compulsive knacks to spread it
across without reward nor a hearty acceptance.
Convinced of unearthing the soft spot of acquaintances and Co the journey to part through is
arduous and frantic most times impossible.
Sinister laughs and jabs laced with toxic utterings collapse the daunting determination to
act the just and humanise the right.
The world is all but how we make it seem .
So in my understanding love resembled the high end of it all to smother the bitterness and
heartlessness that resides within.
Finicky and reckless was I to assume the antidote to it but far off the near gap.
Hoping against hope bent out not to be unseated,try and retry till the winds run dry.
Is there an exit in the crossed out maze?
Within the mollusc armor adopted lies the softest of the fragile receptors of understanding
the fellow's sentiments aside prejudice.
A possible reality to initiate if we are to give way to mutual fathoming of constituting
inhabitants of the Earth.
All for one and one for all,the brother's keepers,a fervent solution to devoid the enmity of
wars,disasters,afflictions and the pain meted out.
The parental love desired by the child left out of the scene to be included shielding the
dangers of a future wild card.
Oh my, look a shooting star,a flicker of a chance in the pure eyes of the innocent child,a
hope for a better today and tomorrow where love reigns.
A wish upon a star rendering to become a true one.
Yours truly,
Little Boy.
© @Opoku Francisca