enchanting melody
It was not so long after the sun's rise
When a voice murmured my name
It had happened way too much before I'm losing count
Yet I still ignore the singer Of this melody

Could it be a strange soul perhaps A tied one ?
Or is it just me myself and I..
I'm so lonely in this domain It would be no surprise
Have I gone crazy! Or I have always been , just starting to realise it.
No , no it can't be.. what's even the meaning of normal, there's no such.

I feel like a ghost strolling In a world of immortals
For the love of god , have you not seen how these burdened souls crawl for the throne ?!
Their flesh might be tear through but not their faith
The weight their hearts carry is no where near to the one their rage and selfishness holds.
One destination yet different paths , who will tell them there's one and only right path.

what does it matter now , the melody their heads sing is far more potent than the lyrics you'd try to enchant them with.
Behold , the end is near .. we shall meet and face the truth soon , then will be the time you realise there was only one destination.

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