We're doomed
There's a new poet,
a new writer,a new artist.
the generative AI,the best of the best
hidden in plain sight
stealing away all that we created
all that it does is do so well
that we look like clowns next to it
We have seen the best works
by the new king,a new species
that will drive us to oblivion
where however hard we work
it matters not, we're designed to fail
however hard you study and learn the tech
it is always ahead of you
no matter what you try
it will expire in days
for AI grows in seconds
our data,your data building it up
into a giant of unimaginable heights
we are now obsolete, primitive
The creation replaces the creator

individually we are but specks of data
and together just a data cluster!
We really are doomed
The world as we knew now is extinct
Welcome to the world where surviving is a great accomplishment
Nothing else is of value
everything else can be created by AI
you can hide in desperation
stick yourself in VR
lose yourself in an imaginary world
Reality is unbearable as success is
only possible in digital world
Our universe crumbles into the metaverse
as countries plan wars to destroy others
we can only live cheaply in fake world's where reality is destroyed by primitive humans...
Yes, my dear fellowmen, we have doomed ourselves.
Let's celebrate this moment where we become history.
and bound to return to
imaginary forests
and hide in virtual realities.

© Aadi