House or Home
A house is not a home they say,
It's the love and warmth that makes it that way
With laughter and memories it comes alive
A place where hearts and dreams thrive

It's not just walls and a roof overhead
But the feeling of comfort, where worries are shed
A home is where people gather and care
Where love and burdens are always shared

It's not necessarily a place with peace
It's sometimes a person who not only listens the music of your words but also understand the lyrics of your silence

It's the little things that make it complete
The sound of laughter and the pattering of feet
A home is where you find solace and peace
A beautiful and peaceful embrace where all troubles cease

So remember, as you embark,
To fill you with love and spark
For a house becomes a home, you see
When it's filled with love, friends and family
© Rink