Hump Day Stop Being Monday
Can this hump day going any faster ?

Turtle speed for these 8 hours

Will these lungs cut off this cancer ?

Kit-Kat break im a smoker

You know how fast you were going? Said the cop that pulls me over.'

My smoker's cough its not covid

Now this ticket makes me struggle

Back in the hole voutcher

heart beat getting louder

Heated conversation Profanity plays the role different party words.

Can this hump day stop hugging the ball

Minutes be a team player pass it to another hour

I still haven't met my love

I haven't found her

The gate in the clouds the man upstairs won't let me in

While on earth light bulb didnt think thangs through

my halo will not shine above me if soul calaps

Hump day the drug to nose

O.d rip young soul

The lines are staged reponzole

The pile are racking leafs

Emptiness pantry whats to eat

Humans Withdrawals be hook daily

Love will be far but we wish not

dé·jà vu repeats

A black eye needs frozen peas

Love life needs 2 human bean

Head shot sniper beams

Where's my lighter 😤 Waldo someone pocket me

Fucking me

Stove top will light it for me
© Dan7y007