"Whispers Beneath The Waves" 🌊
Within the depths of the ocean,
Where light barely reaches,
A mermaid drifts, holding a book,
🫧Close to her heart,🫧
She swims through the currents,
Finding quite places among the coral and kelp,
Where she can read in peace,
🫧The sea is her home,🫧
Vast and mysterious,
But the world in her books is even more,
She reads of distant lands,
Towering mountains, forests where leaves,
Whisper secrets to the wind,
Her tail shimmers as she turns the pages,
Each story, a new adventure,
🫧A new escape,🫧
She loves the feel of the parchment,
The smell of ink,
And the way words can transport her,
🫧To other realms,🫧
Sometimes she imagines herself walking on,
Land, feet touching the earth,
Feeling the grass beneath her,
🫧Other times, she is a bird🫧
Soaring through the sky, or a star,
Burning bright in the endless night,
In her underwater library,
🫧She loses track of time,🫧
Hours pass like moments, days like dreams,
🫧The ocean around her fades,🫧
And all that remains are the stories,
And the worlds they bring to life,

Thank you for reading
Lot's of love from
Lunar Queen

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