Hey Dad...Why? 2 of 2
And so I realised...
My idea of a father-daughter relationship,
Was nothing but a a figment of my own imagination,
Inspired by movies,
Oblivious to the realities,
I thought this bond was supposed to be strong,
Without knowing that it could also go wrong,
My dream of having a relationship that special,
Couldn't work out because of all the pressures,
Of expectations and obligations,
That eventually we couldn't handle.

One thing I have learnt in my life so far,
Fathers should be like superstars,
They set an example afterall,
Who will their daughters' choose as their better halves.

In my case of choosing a man to settle with,
I have to be careful who it is going to be,
I may not know what I want in someone,
But I know what I DON'T want in anyone,
A father who could not be my ideal,
And so I will not let my daughter suffer,
A mistake my mother committed,
I pray that I don't repeat it,
My daughter cannot live her life,
With the likes of a father like mine.

© Polkola

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