The tongue
The tougue as small as it is
can boast about great things.
A tiny flame can start a devestating forest fire
and the tongue is the tiny flame.
The tongue is evil, uncontrollable and full of deadly poison.
We give thanks to our LORD and FATHER, then curse other people who are made in the likeness of God.
Words of thanksgiving and cursing pour out from the same mouth,
brother and sisters this should not happen!
For a fig tree can't bear olives and a grapevine can't bear figs.
A salty spring can't produce sweet water
and a spring can't spring out sweet and bitter water from the same opening.
So as God's children our tongues shouldn't speak good and evil at the same time.
This can be hard to master, but it can be done
with Christ of course.

So in conclusion ...
It takes 5 years to make a good reputation, but with the tongue 5 seconds to ruin it.

James 3: 1-12