Stop or flow...
A place situated away from my home
Calling me lovingly to sprint through it's roam.
To start this expedition,I have to think more
Should make myself strong able to explore.
As I know the string is always pulling me high
Persuading to my wings for this voyage's fly.
It's clearly unknown, for me to receive it all
How do I say yes to this new beginning call.
It Wholeheartedly blesses me with full respect
Full filling my each desire,I could even expect.
The care,kindness,and support it shows
From it's diligence,I feel,nothing in oppose.
I still ask myself,Do i deserve this place
Can I also treat it,With same value n grace.
What Will happen,if at a stage I get failed
Lose entire happiness,that I have held.
That's why I am unsure to make a vow
should I stop myself or go in the flow.

( This poem is written about some situations in our life that we all experience sometimes,and too confused to make a choice,dear readers,I hope you can feel it.)

© Pri poetry 💫