Puss in Boits and Kitty Softpaws are now married (NSFW)
Newlyweds Puss and Kitty are now on their Spain Honeymoon
Her wish to be his wife has come true, and she is so happy
Puss is not a virgin and has had several partners before Kitty. Neither is she. But they both have a feeling they’re going to be each other’s best
Holy Frijoles, the sex is truly amazing.
It opens up their pleasure zones just like their cinnamon churro and Mexican Hot Chocolate wedding cake
Multiple sex positions all night in the bedroom, shower, kitchen and against the wall
She enters paradise every time he strokes her
And when she rides him, and bends down to whisper and give it to him,
“Te amo con todo mi corazón” Puss whispers, while sensually sucking on her full breasts
Kitty purrs in response. Puss is so handsome. And Spanish is definitely one of the languages of romance
Especially when it comes from her ginger tabby lover