A Daily Reminder
The sun rises and sets everyday,
A timeless dance, a never-ending play,
An unbroken cycle of hope,
A promise of new beginnings to cope.

With every dawn, a new chance,
To chase dreams and make life advance,
The sun's rays a reminder to strive,
And keep hope and expectations alive.

As the day unfolds with its might,
The sun blesses us with its light,
Guiding us through life's twists and turns,
As we embrace each lesson it churns.

And as the sun sets in the west,
Bringing an end to a day's quest,
It leaves us with a sense of closure,
And a chance to reflect with composure.

The sun rises and sets everyday,
A reminder that life's a fleeting way,
An awakening of expectations,
To make the most of our limitations.
© ItsArnold