Figures of speech part -2

The phenomenon of
True love is
Painfully Beautiful

Musu :
Don't worry amu
I will make it
Completely beautiful

I can resist everything
Except musu ka
Sexy Figure temptation
(She is so uvhot)

Musu :

We get knowledge from brain
But we have so Little
Knowledge about brain

Musu :
Dimaag ka dahi wala
Figure of speech hai

→Pun (double meaning)
Life depends upon the liver.
But cos of musu prayers
Amu is healthy & happy

Musu :
*Praying one more time *

The Board decided
that all girls are stupid
Except muskaan
The most smartest girl

Musu :
White board or
black board ??
Ha ha ha ha ...

We need more hands
to pray for amu musu
Love ..

Musu :
Arre amu my prayers
Are enough...*smile*

→Transferred Epithet
I had a sleepless night.
Cos musu came in dream
And started kissing me

Musu :
You you you ..
I will transfer you
To butterfly jungle

© amusu