My Love for You
In the realm where hearts declare true love's might,
My thoughts shall paint a portrait of affection,
For my love for you exceeds all boundaries,
Unyielding, steadfast, defying earthly bounds.
In uncharted realms, where dreams take flight,
Together, we shall break the chains of limitation.

With fervent ardor, passion takes its flight,
Our souls entwined, a symphony of affection,
Unyielding, we venture beyond mortal bounds,
Unleashing a love that knows no boundaries,
Defying the laws, breaking grounds of limitation,
Where the hands of time cannot dream to reach.

Through tempests and trials, we soar beyond each height,
For our love burns fierce with endless devotion,
Unbounded and boundless, transcending limitation,
Our journey ablaze, a testament to affection,
Drifting past horizons, shattering all boundaries,
We ascend to skies where dreams take flight.

Beyond doubts and fears, we ascend in our flight,
Awakening dormant senses, setting the world alight,
Bridgeless chasms crossed, transcending boundaries,
Enveloped in a love that defies all limitation,
A tapestry of unwavering affection,
Crafted with threads that conquer all bounds.

© jaylinestarr💋