The Stages of Grief
No, no, you can’t close the casket,
can’t you see my baby is inside?
No, no, it wasn’t her time!
It’s dark in there, she’ll have no air!
No, no, she can’t have lost her life.

Why give her just to take her from me?
Why give her perfect toes, perfect smiles, almond eyes,
Why give her a love for books, a love for food, a love for life?
Why dangle her before me just to call her home so soon?
You’ve been silent, where’s my merciful Lord?
You have some explaining to do.

Please, please, come back to me!
I can’t live without you.
Come to me in my dreams
Let me hold you one more time,
One more time, just one more time, 
Just send me a sign, and I’ll be alright.

“My God, my God,
Why hast Thou forsaken me?”
She, my tender hopes
My silver linings, my blue sky shining
I want to be with you, with her
There’s nothing left for me on earth
Pick your poison, call me home
For I can’t take another day of being alone

Grief has tainted me, chained me, changed me
There is no love without grief
Nor grief without love
There is no hope without faith
Nor faith without hope
My suffering isn’t more than
Jesus, Jeremiah, Joseph, or Job
I will find my way home to you,
I will find a way to cope

© Milan Lopes