Evince, oh word so rare and true,
With power to reveal what's hidden from view,
To bring forth what's deep within,
And show the world what lies therein.

With subtle grace and gentle might,
You bring to light what's out of sight,
And every truth that's held within,
You draw out with a simple spin.

Like a key that unlocks a door,
You reveal what we've been searching for,
And with your wisdom and insight,
You bring clarity to our sight.

Evince, you are a word of wonder,
With the ability to tear asunder,
All that's false and all that's fake,
And leave behind only what's true and great.

So let us cherish you and hold you dear,
For you are a word that we should revere,
And in your presence we shall find,
The secrets of the heart and mind.
© Laks