Drum of War: To All Nations
The drum of war beats loud and clear
A symphony of chaos, drawing near
Its thunderous rhythm fills the air
A haunting melody of despair

Each strike a cry of anguish and pain
As families weep, their loved ones slain
The beat grows faster, the sound intense
A relentless march, a cruel pretense

The drummers of war, with hearts of stone
March on and on, to the unknown
Their hands stained with blood, their souls torn
As the drum of war plays on

But amidst the chaos, a whisper of hope
A plea for peace, a way to cope
For war only brings destruction and hate
Leaving behind a trail of sorrow and fate

So let us silence the drum's deadly call
And choose instead to stand tall
In unity and love, let us strive
To ensure that the drum of war will never thrive.

© faintest_pen